Technical Reference Guides

These guides were published by CEATI (the Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation) with the OPA contributing funding.
  • This guidebook addresses typical compressed air systems common to most small and medium manufacturing facilities.
  • This primer explains what demand response is, how businesses can benefit from participation, and various participation strategies.
  • This guide provides an overview of the major types of electric motors available today, including advanced motor technologies.
  • The Electrotechnologies Energy Efficiency Guide provides brief descriptions, characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages of various industrial processes used in small- to medium-size industrial plants.
  • This guide is aimed at new construction and renovation projects. It outlines key technologies, methods and systems to make the house more energy efficient.
  • This guide highlights basic considerations for determining the energy and demand savings arising from an energy efficiency project.
  • This guidebook is intended to provide the fundamental information required to make informed and educated decisions about the use and energy efficient operation of fan and blower systems.
  • The guide explains how a heat pump works, important considerations in buying a heat pump, its components and operating cycles,  efficiency definitions, performance standards used by industry, and what influences energy savings.
  • The Power Quality Reference Guide is written to be a useful and practical guide to assist end-use customers and covers material from concepts to solving power quality issues.
  • This guide is aimed at helping you implement energy efficiency methods and practices involving pumping systems at your location. It will also help you to make informed decisions about operating, maintaining or modifying your existing pump system.
  • This guide is aimed at helping you implement energy efficiency methods and practices involving refrigeration systems at your location. The main emphasis is on small to medium systems that operate with refrigerants other than ammonia.
  • This guide has been developed as an overview of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to assist in the effective understanding, selection, application, and operation of VFDs. In this guide, the word “drive” refers to the electronic VFD.

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